Climate change risks and opportunities sector guides for investors

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Click for larger imageThese IGCC reports examine climate change risks and adaptation opportunities as well as energy cost and carbon risks and mitigation opportunities for three industry sectors.

Designed as guides for funds managers, ESG analysts and company analysts, the reports provide a first time, comprehensive analysis of climate change issues for integration into company analysis and engagement. The reports will help investors go beyond assessing disclosure practices and carbon prices in their analysis of climate change exposure.

Developed by lead author Dr Michael Smith of the Fenner School the Australian National University, in conjunction with IGCC’s Research Working Group. 

Cbus sponsored the development of these reports.


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Sector Guides

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Assessing Climate Change Risks and Opportunities: Industrials, Manufacturing and Materials Sector
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Assessing Climate Change Risks and Opportunities: Mining and Minerals Processing sector
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 Assessing Climate Change Risks 
and Opportunities for Investors: Oil and Gas Sector

Assessing Climate Change Risks
and Opportunities for Investors: Property and Construction Sector
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Investor Guidelines

Key resources 

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Case Studies

Climate Change Adaption at Brisbane Airport
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