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Last year, IGCC published IGCC in 2022, our strategic plan for the period 2019 to 2022 and a roadmap for action in achieving our shared vision of a “climate resilient net zero emissions economy by 2050”. Through this strategy, we are working towards all of our members having in place a climate change policy, a roadmap for implementation and to be disclosing against the Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Global collaboration with our peers, and the development of supporting tools and resources is a key part of our work to help Australian and New Zealand investors continue to strengthen their climate change response.

This area of work aligns with one of our international collaborations, The Investor Agenda, where one of the work streams -the Investor Climate Action Plan (ICAP)- will this year be developing a guide and a “how to” framework for implementing the Investor Agenda. It will also establish criteria for aspirational standards against which investors can gauge their own progress – and be measured against. This will be developed by the seven organisations which make up the collaboration. The intent is that the ICAP framework will serve as a resource for investors starting to build a climate change response as well as more sophisticated investors aiming for sector best practice. The ICAP framework will be supported by investor guidance, aiming to identify specific actions each investor can take to address the investment, engagement, disclosure and public policy actions relating to climate change. It will also reference and draw upon existing tools and resources.

To support development of the ICAP framework, the IGCC Transition to Zero Carbon Working Group is convening a consultative roundtable. This roundtable is intended to provide an opportunity for IGCC members to receive an overview of the emerging Investor Agenda ‘Investor Climate Action Plan’ framework and to provide feedback on the key components of the framework, supporting guidance and useful tools and frameworks.  Feedback provided through this process will be directly incorporated into the emerging global investor standard. Participants will be asked to reflect upon a draft framework for review, and response to specific questions for feedback and input.


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