IGCC works in partnership with a number of regional investor networks and organisations to engage with global policy makers and develop investor tools and resources for managing climate change.

The four regional climate change investor groups AIGCC (Asia), Ceres (North America), IGCC (Australia & New Zealand) and IIGCC (Europe) work collaboratively under the Global Investor Coalition on Climate Change (GIC).

For specific projects, we work with an extended collaboration of investor groups which includes the GIC groups as well as CDPPRI and UNEPFI – visit the TheInvestorAgenda.org to find out more.

Climate Action 100+

Australia and New Zealand’s biggest institutional investors have joined more than 310 global investors with over US$32.5 trillion in assets under management to engage the world’s largest emitting companies to act on climate change.

Climate Action 100+ launched by five investor organisations in Paris at the One Planet Summit 12 December 2017 hosted by President Macron, is a new five-year project harnessing the weight and influence of global investors to engage the worlds largest greenhouse gas emitting companies on climate action.


The Investor Agenda

The Investor Agenda is a common leadership agenda on the climate crisis that is unifying, comprehensive, and focused on accelerating investor action for a net-zero emissions economy.


Global Investor Coalition on Climate Change

The Global Investor Coalition on Climate Change (GIC) is a joint initiative of four regional climate change investor groups: AIGCC (Asia), Ceres (North America), IGCC (Australia & New Zealand) and IIGCC (Europe).

The coalition have come together to provide a global platform for dialogue between and among investors and governments on international policy and investment practice related to climate change.

The four investor groups that make up the GIC have agreed to partner on global carbon policy initiatives, agreements and projects to deliver better investor and climate action outcomes.

Visit www.globalinvestorcoalition.org for more information.