Australian Climate Bill Is A First Step to Investor Confidence.

27 July 2022

“The introduction of the Climate Change Bill to parliament is an opportunity to unlock hundreds of billions of investment in climate solutions across the economy” said the Investor Group on Climate Change’s Director of Policy, Erwin Jackson today.

“The Climate Change Bill outlines initial and critical steps to get Australia on the starting blocks for a net zero emissions economy.

“The proposed Bill includes many of the elements that will support the efficient allocation of capital to Australia. Investors seek best practice legislative frameworks that include legislated targets, and independent advice on the policies needed to ensure an equitable transition to net zero. These measures will reduce the risk of continuing the chaotic climate policy making which has increased investment risks and costs in Australia.

“In addition, the overall legislative framework would better support investment by ensuring a system-wide risks and opportunities of climate change are considered, including credible sector targets, measures to manage climate change impacts, and embedding climate risk management across all government agencies.

“A clear, stable, robust, and long-term legislative framework to manage the systemic economic risks and opportunities of climate change can support investment in the clean industries that will address climate goals, and support energy security and industrial development. IGCC has estimated that around $131 billion in new investment this decade can be unlocked with policies that would deliver on stronger emissions targets.

“IGCC looks forward to working with the Government and the parliament on the Bill and other polices to ensure Australia receives the investment in needs to build a resilient and prosperous economy.”


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