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Joint Statement: Australia’s Superpower Opportunity

27 November 2023

The Federal Government is currently considering major decisions on a renewable superpower strategy. Our organisations agree that the global transition to net zero emissions can provide substantial and broadly shared economic and jobs opportunities for Australia, while preventing the worst impacts of climate change.

Energy Markets and An Expansion of the Capacity Investment Scheme

22 November 2023

The Australian Government recently announced an expansion of the Capacity Investment Scheme, which is intended to underwrite new renewable energy generation and storage. The expansion brings the total size to an offer of 32GW capacity.

Climate Action 100+ Announces New Investor Members of Global Steering Committee

22 November 2023

The new members increase investor representation on the Steering Committee and expand the mix of geographic experience and expertise.

Submission: Strategic phase out of fossil fuels for future-proofed green industries

21 November 2023

To maintain and attract capital for Australia’s transition to net zero emissions, actions in different sectors must add up to and be consistent with the Government’s stated policy objective of limiting climate change damages above 1.5oC. The Future Gas Strategy should be aligned with this objective and be embedded within a credible set of sector decarbonisation plans. 

Statement on Pacific Islands Forum Commitment on Coal, Oil & Gas Phase-Out

13 November 2023

We welcome the joint commitment from Pacific Island leaders, including Australia, to phase out fossil fuels from their countries' energy systems, in alignment with 1.5° pathways.

Submission: Market drivers to reward renewable electricity

2 November 2023

IGCCs submission to the Federal Government’s consultation on an Australia’s Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) scheme focuses on providing investment certainty for the creation of renewable energy certificates beyond 2030. With the decarbonisation of the electricity sector over the next 10-15 years central to Australia achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, the evolution of renewable energy certificates is essential to aligning demand with supply and creating the incentive structures for renewable energy growth in Australia.

Investable Sector Climate Plans Are Crucial to Clean Energy Competitiveness

2 November 2023

Right now the Australian government is developing climate plans for the economy's most important sectors. This new paper discusses how to make those plans investable.

New Research: Investing In Australia’s Vital Regions

26 October 2023

A newly released, in-depth report by The Investor Group on Climate Change sets out key priorities that will help unlock the necessary investment in regional climate transition.
Illustration with a nature background behind the climate action 100 logo.

Companies’ Climate Ambition Contrasted By Lack Of Detailed Action Plans

18 October 2023

Climate Action 100+, the world’s largest investor engagement initiative on climate change, has released the latest round of company assessments against its newly updated Net Zero Company Benchmark, drawing on distinct analytical methodologies and datasets from public and self-disclosed data from companies.

IGCC Summit 2023: Physical Risk and Resilience

6 October 2023

Across many of our speakers and panels, we heard about the role investors can play in adapting to the impacts of climate change and building community resilience.