Policy & Advocacy Working Group

This collaborative group coordinates on government engagement and maintains oversight on the role of companies and industry associations in delivering constructive climate policy outcomes.

Meetings are held every two months, with occasional ad-hoc briefings and discussions as needed.

When drafting submissions or developing major research publications we consult with ad-hoc sub groups.


Erwin Jackson
Managing Director, Policy

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Bethany Richards
Policy Junior Analyst

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Working Group Policy and Engagement Priorities

We provide information to the working group on the current state of play of policy at a state, national, and international level.

We welcome contributions from members who bring their expertise and perspectives to shape submissions and joint statements. These help form the policy to help accelerate Australia’s path to net-zero emissions.

2035 Emissions Target
  • The target will be the biggest climate policy decision this term.
  • It will be set by ambition for sector-by-sector policies.
  • Consultation process underway with the Climate Change Authority (CCA).
Sector Pathways
  • Developing sector pathways, policies and goals to support investment in climate solutions across the economy.
National Net Zero Authority
  • Recently legislated following IGCC campaign, which included submission, peak bodies statement, national ad campaign, and significant direct engagement
  • Includes $400 million to support investment in clean energy in regions
  • IGCC will continue to engage while the Authority is set up and starts to operate.
National Physical Risk Assessment
  • Creation of policy briefs and thought leadership on climate divestment in high physical risk regions and sectors
  • Current development of second assessment in line with 2024 National Adaptation Plan

Latest Relevant News, Resources, and Events.

Submission: Disclosing climate opportunities and risks to secure long-term investment in Australia

13 February 2024

New draft legislation for reporting on climate-related financial risk and opportunity is a critical step for attracting investment capital in Australia.

IGCC Policy & Advocacy Working Group

Working Group Meeting | Online | 1 February 2024 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Timezone: Australia/Sydney