Policy & Advocacy

IGCC is the investment community’s authoritative voice on climate change.

Our policy positions are created through thought leadership, extensive member consultation and research based on the latest science.

IGCC then advocates for these policies by engaging with relevant decision-makers across Parliament, government departments, media and other key stakeholders.

We publish thought-leading resources based on exclusive research and our unique position in a network of investors, analysts, academic researchers and policy-makers.

Download IGCC’s Policy Positions 2022-2025 (pdf).

Emerging Policy Issues

2035 Emissions Target

The 2035 target will be the biggest climate policy decision this political term, set by the ambition for sector-by-sector policies, including clean energy targets and Safeguard Mechanism baselines.

Clean Energy Transition

Australia has an opportunity for an increase in capital investment in clean energy, incentivised by programs like the Capacity Investment Scheme, and in a global market invigorated by the USA’s climate package, the Inflation Reduction Act, Europe’s Green Deal, and others.

Physical Risk

Physical risk poses a greater impact than transition risk due to hard adaptation limits and higher levels of uncertainty. It will affect all industries and requires place-based solutions with national coordination for effective implementation.


Building Parliamentary support for reform on climate disclosures and working alongside other peak bodies to achieve major consensus.


Parliamentary Engagements

The Investor Group on Climate Change has deep relationships with key decision makers. We engage across parliament to advocate for policy that avoids systemic climate risks and unlock substantial investment in a clean economy.

Regular Engagements

As a bipartisan organisation, we engage regularly with ministers, opposition, and the crossbench.

Canberra Roadshow

In March 2023, we took six senior investment professionals to Canberra, arranging meetings with the Treasurer, Climate Change and Energy Ministers, Opposition, Department Secretaries, and senior media.

Roundtable Discussion

We organise high level roundtable events between representatives of some of the country’s largest investors and the Treasurer and key ministers.

Working Groups

Where we share information, build capacity, and work on collaborative projects with members.

Policy & Advocacy

Chair: Erwin Jackson 
Managing Director, Policy, IGCC

Coordinates government engagement and maintains oversight on the role companies and industry associations play in delivering constructive climate policy outcomes.

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Energy Transition Subgroup

Chair: Ian Leiblich
Head of ESG, EG

Develops effective energy transition policy required to achieve net zero emissions, including in response to the latest Capacity Investment Scheme.

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Good energy policy is key to good economic policy.

We need groups like the IGCC to continue making the case to all Australians that good climate policy is good for investment and good for jobs.

– Chris Bowen MP
Minister for Climate Change & Energy
IGCC Summit June 2022

Latest Policy & Advocacy News, Resources, and Events

“Future Made in Australia” Announcement is a Step Towards a Competitive Economy

12 April 2024

The vision outlined by Prime Minister introducing the Future Made in Australia Act (the Act) is a step towards making Australia competitive in a world accelerating the clean energy transition.

Submission: Delivering cheap, clean energy for consumers and green industry

Submission | Bethany Richards | 25 March 2024

IGCC welcomes the expansion as it will facilitate investment in new renewables projects, assisting the decarbonisation of households and grid-connected industry. Investment decisions made today will impact the design of a post-2030 electricity system. It is important for the Government to consider:
  • How the merit assessment’s design may favour certain


Submission: Delivering cheap, clean energy for consumers and green industry

25 March 2024

The federal Government's Capacity Investment Scheme will now deliver 32GW of additional renewable energy to Australia's electricity markets. The delivery of this Scheme sets the country up to achieve its 82% renewable energy target by 2030.