Joint Statement: Addressing all parts of the energy trilemma is essential

25 October 2018

Ahead of the Council of Australian Governments Energy Council meeting this week, IGCC has joined a broad coalition of industry, environmental and civil society groups in calling for emissions reductions policy to be addressed as a key part of the “energy trilemma”.

The statement notes that “investors will only view policy as durable if it effectively addresses all parts of the trilemma, including meeting emissions reduction commitments”.

Further, the representatives of business, conservation groups, the energy sector, property sector and social services sector all agree that “We support Australia’s full participation in the Paris Agreement and deployment of effective, efficient and equitable plans in energy and the rest of the economy to deliver on Australia’s Paris commitments. Continuing bipartisan commitment to Paris sends a clear long-term signal to investors and contributes to the global solution needed to minimise climate change”.