Dr Chris Fayers

Full Member, Head of Regnan Australia (Perpetual Limited)

Chris has 25 years of sustainable investment and stewardship experience. He is motivated by his environmental science education, and experience of working with dedicated investment professionals and organisations to drive positive real-world outcomes for investors, the planet, and its people through the targeted stewardship of capital.

He has engaged effectively behind the scenes with dozens of Australian company boards and management to protect and maximise shareholder value on behalf of Regnan’s institutional clients, on issues including board structure and function, physical risks of climate change and climate transition. He works closely with PMs to integrate material environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into investment decision making processes in both equities and fixed income securities, through application of Regnan’s proprietary bottom-up ESG analysis.

He oversees the Regnan Australia team’s work with Perpetual investment boutiques, and the distribution, product, and compliance teams. He presents regularly to clients, prospects and consultants on Regnan’s work across a range of sustainable, impact, stewardship and ESG investment themes.

Chris lives with disability and is a passionate advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), serving on the Pendal DEI committee from 2021 – 2023.

He holds both a PhD and Masters in Environmental Science, and a Bachelor of Commerce.