Retirement of IGCC’s Climate League Brand

26 August 2022

As part of IGCC’s strategic planning process, we have been reviewing Climate League 2030. It has been a valuable initiative that supported participants making new climate commitments and actions, and highlighted their support for real emission reductions in Australia.

Since launching Climate League in October 2020, government, investor and business sentiment has swung strongly in support of climate action. This includes the Australian government’s climate change bills which will, if passed as expected, legislate Labor’s election commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 43% below 2005 levels by 2030 along with a range of other positive policies. Meanwhile, IGCC has worked with global peers to establish internationally consistent net zero initiatives and frameworks for committing and managing climate action.

In light of this considerably changed environment, and in consultation with Climate League 2030’s founding signatories, we are retiring Climate League 2030 as a standalone initiative and are integrating Climate League 2030’s most successful elements into core IGCC operations, in particular our policy advocacy, and our work to track and highlight members’ climate progress.