The IGCC Annual Report 2022


  • Members’ Climate Practice Indicators
    In each key indicator, the IGCC membership has collectively made year-on-year progress.
  • Our 2022-2025 Strategy
    We developed and released IGCC’s 2022-2025 strategy: Accelerating Investment For A Clean & Resilient Economy.
  • Policy & Advocacy
    In Australia, we published investors’ priorities for the policies that will unlock capital for a net zero emissions economy.
    In New Zealand, the government has taken up our disclosure recommendations almost entirely.
  • Corporate Engagement
    Investors’ engagement tactics contributed to the earlier closure of coal-fired power plants.

For more details and progress download the 2022 report.

This year the context for our work changed remarkably. The pent-up demand for progress we saw last year has now translated into a new and higher baseline for action. This is a trend which continues to gather crucial momentum: Over the next 84 months to December 2030, we must get on track for a resilient, net zero global economy in 2050.

This annual report records a year of important contributions to that goal from the team and from IGCC’s exceptional network.

We thank our members for their support and involvement through the year, in addition to the work they are doing within their own organisations.

We look forward to an even more impactful year for our network in 2023.