Submission: Delivering cheap, clean energy for consumers and green industry

25 March 2024
The federal Government's Capacity Investment Scheme will now deliver 32GW of additional renewable energy to Australia's electricity markets. The delivery of this Scheme sets the country up to achieve its 82% renewable energy target by 2030. 

IGCC welcomes the expansion as it will facilitate investment in new renewables projects, assisting the decarbonisation of households and grid-connected industry.

Investment decisions made today will impact the design of a post-2030 electricity system. It is important for the Government to consider:

  • How the merit assessment’s design may favour certain technology types, and how this may impact the future design of the grids.
  • How market and regulatory reforms will be required to support an electricity system that has a high percentage of variable renewable energy, including virtual power plants.
  • The optimal locations for energy infrastructure to be climate-resilient over the long term

IGCC thanks the Clean Energy Investor Group and the Clean Energy Council for their support and consultation in development of IGCC’s submission.

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