Congratulations to the Climate Award Winners at the IGCC Summit 2023

21 August 2023
These awards acknowledge the outstanding commitment, innovation, and leadership demonstrated by individuals in tackling the pressing challenges of climate change within their respective domains.

Contribution to Investor Practice Award:

Akaash Sachdeva, Manager of Responsible Invstment at HESTA

Akaash’s insights and active involvement with the IGCC Investor Practice team have paved the way for meaningful discussions. Moreover, his dedicated contributions to global sustainability are evident through his integral role in the Steering Group of the Paris Aligned Asset Owners Initiative.

Best in Corporate Engagement Award:

Ian Woods, Ian Woods Advisors

Ian Woods is a co-lead investor for one of the focus companies in Climate Action 100. His tireless efforts in advocating for improved corporate disclosure on critical matters, such as scenario analysis assumptions and emissions reporting boundaries, highlight his balanced and thoughtful approach.

Driving the Policy Agenda Award:

Zoe Whitton, Pollination

Is honoured for her invaluable contributions as a policy thought leader and mentor to the IGCC team. Zoe’s direct engagements with policymakers have played a pivotal role in translating IGCC’s advocacy goals into impactful outcomes.

Chair’s Award Individual Advancing the Cause of Climate Investment:

Professor Mark Howden, ANU

Professor Mark Howden is the Director of the Institute for Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions at the Australian National University. His leadership in pioneering climate solutions, energy shifts, and disaster management highlights a strong commitment to sustainability. His ongoing efforts to educate investors, policymakers, and the broader community have made a substantial impact.

Photo of Climate Awards winners
L-R: IGCC Chair, Stephen Dunne. IGCC CEO Rebecca Mikula-Wright. Professor Mark Howden ANU, Ian Woods, Saksham Malhotra (for Akaash Sachdeva) HESTA. Marwa Curran, IGCC. Dani Siew, IGCC. Zoe Whitton, Pollination. Michael Bones, IGCC.

The IGCC team and Board extends heartfelt congratulations to all the award winners. Their unwavering dedication and remarkable achievements serve as beacons of hope and inspiration in the global fight against climate change. These individuals are shaping a path towards a more sustainable future and embody the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and leadership.