Topic: Investor Group on Climate Change

The State of New Zealand’s Climate Investment 2024

3 July 2024

The third annual New Zealand State of Net Zero Investment report on investors with more than NZ$230 billion under management, shows too-slow climate action.

New Guidance: The Net Zero Investment Framework 2.0 (“NZIF 2.0”)

25 June 2024

The Net Zero Investment Framework 2.0 (“NZIF 2.0”) is the latest iteration of the most widely used resource by investors to develop their individual net zero strategies and transition plans.

New Research: Investing In Australia’s Vital Regions

26 October 2023

A newly released, in-depth report by The Investor Group on Climate Change sets out key priorities that will help unlock the necessary investment in regional climate transition.

Net Zero Standard For Diversified Miners Now Available

7 September 2023

This standard, produced by Climate Action 100+, will provide investors with the necessary metrics to help assess diversified mining companies’ transition plans to net zero.

The Changing Climate Policy Landscape: Considerations for Policymakers and the Needs of Investors

Report | The Investor Agenda | 6 September 2023

This report summarises how global climate policy has developed and to describe the core features that should underpin climate policy going forward. Several case studies have been provided to illustrate effective climate finance policy in Australia, the European Union, Japan and the United States

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Congratulations to the Climate Award Winners at the IGCC Summit 2023

21 August 2023

These awards acknowledge the outstanding commitment, innovation, and leadership demonstrated by individuals in tackling the pressing challenges of climate change within their respective domains.

Welcome to our new website

13 July 2023

A quick summary of what's changed, and how you can get the most out of this. The site is easier to use, better to read, and will host a library of exclusive member resources.