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Membership of the IGCC is open to investors operating in Australia and New Zealand including superannuation funds, insurance companies, fund managers and other financial services providers, such as asset consultants, brokers and investment industry associations.

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Why become a member?

Membership provides an opportunity to strengthen climate change-related investment management and to be recognised as an organisation proactively engaged in addressing climate change.

Join IGCC to:

  • Gain access to new climate change research and help shape research development relevant to the investment sector
  • Learn more about best practice and the policies, tools and approaches for managing the impacts associated with climate change issues
  • Gain unique access to peer to peer learning and networking opportunities
  • Enhance your public and professional profile through increased recognition of organisational efforts to proactively manage climate change, and climate change-focused products or services
  • Gain unique insight into international investment collaboration
  • Strengthen your engagement with government and policy makers, and improve your understanding of climate change policy through IGCC’s work with government, corporations, and the community
  • Demonstrate your organisation’s commitments to the Principles for Responsible Investment.

Your statement of commitment

By signing IGCC’s Statement of Commitment, members endorse the mission of the IGCC, which is that we recognise that climate change will impact our investments, that there is an economic transition underway and it is accelerating. We support a response that is founded in a science-based assessment of the carbon constraints required to avoid dangerous climate change. We acknowledge that investors are key agents in facilitating an efficient transition.

IGCC will help investors in facilitating this transition, recognising that as stewards of capital we have a positive role to play in managing long term risks and ensuring sustainable returns.

We ask members to contribute to the IGCC mission by:

  • Supporting the objectives in the IGCC 2022-2025 Strategy
  • Participating in and attending IGCC meetings
  • Participating on a committee and supporting activities
  • Demonstrating progress incorporating the risks and opportunities associated with climate change into investment decisions or advice as appropriate, and into business operations
  • Assisting to raise awareness of the risks and opportunities associated with climate change in the investment industry, corporate, government and community sectors; and
  • Encouraging other organisations within the broader investment industry to join the IGCC and support IGCC activities.

About membership categories

  • Full member
    Full Membership of the IGCC is open to all institutional investors including superannuation funds, insurance companies, fund managers and property fund managers.

  • Associate member
    Associate Membership of the IGCC is open to asset consultants, brokers and investment industry associations.

  • Funding partner
    Funding Partner Membership is open to any organisation that provides funding to IGCC for general operations.

  • Supporter
    The Supporter category is open to those organisations connected with the investment industry and climate action (e.g. research providers, consultants, academic or non-government organisations) who support the objectives of the IGCC mission, and who do not meet the criteria of our other membership categories.

How to join IGCC

Organisations wishing to join IGCC need to:

  1. Complete the Membership Application form and sign the Statement of Commitment.
  2. Pay the Membership fees. Fees are used to support the range of IGCC activities.

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Want to know more?

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