Submission: Investors welcome Sustainable Finance Strategy to unlock capital and manage systemic risk

12 December 2023
Institutional investors welcome an Australian sustainable finance strategy to support unlocking capital into the economy and to address systemic risk. 

IGCC’s submission to Treasury’s consultation on the draft Strategy emphasises that to maximise the benefits and minimise the costs of emerging international and domestic sustainable finance regulations, a focus on key principles including aligning with global markets, learning from international experience and deep consultation will be essential.  

The Submission underscores key priorities for investors, including:  

  • climate-related disclosures, sustainable finance taxonomy and strengthening corporate transition plans set strong foundations for more efficient and sustainable financial markets.  
  • Sustainable finance must work with wider policy settings including sector-by-sector and regional plans to drive meaningful and impactful outcomes.  
  • Promoting financial flows into Australian regions and industries undergoing structural economic change should be a fundamental aspect of the Strategy.  
  • Ensuring adaptation and resilience measures are integrated into all pillars of the Strategy will be important to unlocking capital flows.  
  • Building skills, resources and capabilities should be an immediate focus to support effective implementation of disclosure requirements and other Strategy priorities.  

Read the full submission.