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Submission: Disclosing climate opportunities and risks to secure long-term investment in Australia

13 February 2024

New draft legislation for reporting on climate-related financial risk and opportunity is a critical step for attracting investment capital in Australia.

Submission: Investors welcome Sustainable Finance Strategy to unlock capital and manage systemic risk

12 December 2023

Institutional investors welcome an Australian sustainable finance strategy to support unlocking capital into the economy and to address systemic risk. 

Submission: Climate Active reforms increase rigour of voluntary climate action

11 December 2023

IGCC welcomes the objectives of proposed reforms to the Climate Active program, which aim to set a credible benchmark for voluntary climate action.

Joint Statement: Australia’s Superpower Opportunity

27 November 2023

The Federal Government is currently considering major decisions on a renewable superpower strategy. Our organisations agree that the global transition to net zero emissions can provide substantial and broadly shared economic and jobs opportunities for Australia, while preventing the worst impacts of climate change.

Energy Markets and An Expansion of the Capacity Investment Scheme

22 November 2023

The Australian Government recently announced an expansion of the Capacity Investment Scheme, which is intended to underwrite new renewable energy generation and storage. The expansion brings the total size to an offer of 32GW capacity.

Submission: Strategic phase out of fossil fuels for future-proofed green industries

21 November 2023

To maintain and attract capital for Australia’s transition to net zero emissions, actions in different sectors must add up to and be consistent with the Government’s stated policy objective of limiting climate change damages above 1.5oC. The Future Gas Strategy should be aligned with this objective and be embedded within a credible set of sector decarbonisation plans. 

Energy Sub Working Group Meeting

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