Sector Pathways Workshop


26 July 2023
9:30 am - 11:00 am
Timezone: Australia/Sydney
IGCC is developing a report into pathways to decarbonise the economy's critical sectors. We are seeking members’ input at this workshop.

Several sector pathway scenarios have been developed in recent years, for different purposes.

Our goal is to develop a sector pathway scenario methodology that produces investable, decision-useful data.

The tool, rather than the exact data, is the most important aspect of this report, as inputs can change.

The following are draft considerations, which we are seeking input on:
  1. The rationale for sector pathways including what a sector pathway is and what it’s not: There is confusion in government (and among investors) on what sector pathways mean. Is it just scenario analysis? Is it a proscriptive emissions target? Is it central planning? Is it just a way for the private sector to shift risk to the public sector? Clarity is urgently needed.
  2. What are investors looking for from sector pathways, to attract private investment? What barriers are sector pathways addressing? How can they be used to better allocate risk between the private and public sectors? How do sector pathways interact with and are central too other Government policies (e.g., taxonomies and disclosures, infrastructure planning).
  3. What are the core elements or principles that sector pathways should include to support international and domestic investment in Australia’s transition?
  4. How might investors use sector pathways?  Assess company transition plans?  Assess necessary support infrastructure for transition? Assess the quantum and timing of capital required for different sectors to transition?  Assess status of policy development and R&D required to facilitate sector pathways?
  5. What unique contribution can investors bring to the discussion about sector pathways? Inclusion of asset life? Cost of potential stranded assets?
All Policy Advocacy Working Group members, Energy Sub-Working Group members and research funders are welcome to participate in this 90-minute workshop. Contact Bethany Richards, Junior Policy Manager, to join:


26 July 2023
9:30 am - 11:00 am
Timezone: Australia/Sydney

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