Topic: Decarbonising the Economy

Emissions-Intensive Asset Exits: A Universal Owner Perspective on Sales & Managed Closures

Report | Kate Donnelly & Dr Ian Woods | 21 September 2023

This discussion paper explores a tension that arises when companies divest themselves from emissions-intensive assets: Such exits may reduce the transition risk associated with that particular asset, but overall systemic risk may be maintained, or even increase. It also identifies four broad areas in which investors can act to alleviate


IGCC Summit 2023: Just Transitions

21 September 2023

At IGCC Summit 2023, a key focus was "Just Transitions" and laying the foundation for the new economy.

Submission: Economic Modelling to support investible sector pathways

19 September 2023

IGCC has made a submission to the Climate Change Authority's consultation on economic modelling, to support its advice to Government for Australia’s 2035 Nationally Determined Contribution under the Paris Agreement.

Masterclass: Nature & Climate

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1.5°c sector strategies can supercharge investment

18 July 2023

The government will start developing plans to decarbonise key economic sectors, one of the top priorities identified by investors. The Investor Group on Climate Change says robust sectoral decarbonisation plans can support investment in climate solutions.

Energy Sub-Working Group: potential policy priorities

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Submission: Climate Change Authority – Setting, tracking and achieving Australia’s emissions reduction targets – Issues Paper

Submission | Erwin Jackson | June 2023

IGCC’s submission covers four main topics:
  • National and sector pathways and goals should be 1.5°C aligned.
  • Currently, the physical impacts of climate change are significantly under-priced in financial markets.
  • Australia can be a world leader in resilience
  • Australia needs quality climate modelling and scenarios covering both transition and physical risks.


Climate Action 100+ Announces Second Phase

8 June 2023

The initiative has evolved its core goals, improved and expanded the ways investors can participate, and enhanced the investor engagement model. The new phase, running until 2030, intends to inspire a global scale-up in active ownership, markedly shifting the focus from corporate climate-related disclosure to the implementation of climate transition plans.