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Michael Bones

Manager, Advocacy

Michael is a strategist and adviser who has worked with some of Australia’s top climate advocates, purpose-driven entrepreneurs and political campaigners. He is responsible for implementing IGCC’s federal policy engagement program with parliamentarians, public servants, and relevant stakeholders.

Prior to IGCC, Michael was an adviser to crowdfunding initiative Climate 200, a strategy consultant to the Investor Agenda, and Head of Engagement at Future Super, Australia’s first fossil-free super fund.

Michael holds a dual Bachelor of Law and Arts from the Australian National University and received the Thomson Reuters prize for Climate Law.

Submission: Resilient and adaptive residential assets

5 October 2023

IGCCs submission to the Senate inquiry on residential electrification discusses demand-side investment opportunities via the aggregation of actively controlled Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). The submission considers how such scaled, orchestrated DER opportunities can reduce long-term electricity price inflation and create enduring social, employment, and health benefits for Australian families.

IGCC working group: Policy & Advocacy Sep 19 2023

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Road to Resilience – An investor action plan for an adaptive and resilient economy

Report | Michael Bones, Kate Simmonds, Erwin Jackson, Bethany Richards | 22 August 2023

“Road to Resilience” is a new strategy to stimulate investment in climate resilience, protecting against the physical risks of climate change. The key objectives are:
  • Integrating physical risk and resilience into existing climate-related activities.
  • Developing a shared understanding of physical climate risks among stakeholders.
  • Advocating for investable policy that proactively