Topic: Physical Impacts & Resilience

Submission: National Adaptation Plan to manage physical risks for economy

Submission | Kate Simmonds | 17 April 2024

The first National Adaptation Plan provides is an important opportunity to do this and should consider:
  1. Including a co-developed private finance strategy and plan.
  2. Aligning adaptation across government climate change activities.
  3. Facilitating public-private partnerships and developing frameworks to manage complex adaptation challenges.
  4. Developing and co-funding case studies for best practice


Submission: National Adaptation Plan to manage physical risks for economy

17 April 2024

For institutional investors, adaptation is both a systemic risk and an opportunity. However, for private investment to be directed towards adaptation, there are significant barriers that must be addressed.

Submission: Delivering cheap, clean energy for consumers and green industry

25 March 2024

The federal Government's Capacity Investment Scheme will now deliver 32GW of additional renewable energy to Australia's electricity markets. The delivery of this Scheme sets the country up to achieve its 82% renewable energy target by 2030. 

Financial Stability at Risk: Australian Government’s Climate Risk Assessment

12 March 2024

The volatility of climate change will spread to Australia’s financial sector, according to the first national risk assessment released by the Australian Government.

IGCC Summit 2023: Physical Risk and Resilience

6 October 2023

Across many of our speakers and panels, we heard about the role investors can play in adapting to the impacts of climate change and building community resilience.

Submission: Resilient and adaptive residential assets

5 October 2023

IGCCs submission to the Senate inquiry on residential electrification discusses demand-side investment opportunities via the aggregation of actively controlled Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). The submission considers how such scaled, orchestrated DER opportunities can reduce long-term electricity price inflation and create enduring social, employment, and health benefits for Australian families.

IGCC Summit 2023 Panel Discussions

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