Rebecca Mikula Wright

Rebecca Mikula-Wright

Chief Executive Officer, Investor Group on Climate Change & Asia Investor Group on Climate Change

Rebecca brings more than 20 years’ experience in climate change, sustainability and investment banking to the CEO role.

Rebecca is responsible for developing and delivering the strategy and implementation across AIGCC and IGCC, covering investor practice and policy advocacy. She is a member of the global Steering Committee for the Climate Action 100+ and the Investor Agenda. She joined IGCC in 2012 as Director of Investor Initiatives, before moving to Executive Director of AIGCC in 2016. Rebecca became CEO of both organisations in June 2021.

Rebecca has worked in Hong Kong, Europe and Australia in investment banking, working in equity research, credit analysis, commodities and derivatives for groups such as Nomura Securities, BlackRock, Exxon Mobil and JPMorgan. Involvement in early corporate sustainability programs in many of her roles was the catalyst to move into the nascent sustainable finance and investment field in Asia where she led ASrIA (Assoc. for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia) in Hong Kong.

She is a Board member of Wildlife Conservation International –  the umbrella organisation of The Orangutan Project, International Elephant Project and the International Tiger Project, focused on animal and environmental conversation in Indonesia. Rebecca has a BA (Asian Studies/Commerce), Dip.Business Administration and speaks conversational Japanese, French and Czech.

Investable Sector Climate Plans Are Crucial to Clean Energy Competitiveness

2 November 2023

Right now the Australian government is developing climate plans for the economy's most important sectors. This new paper discusses how to make those plans investable.
Illustration with a nature background behind the climate action 100 logo.

Companies’ Climate Ambition Contrasted By Lack Of Detailed Action Plans

18 October 2023

Climate Action 100+, the world’s largest investor engagement initiative on climate change, has released the latest round of company assessments against its newly updated Net Zero Company Benchmark, drawing on distinct analytical methodologies and datasets from public and self-disclosed data from companies.
Illustration with a nature background behind the climate action 100 logo.

Climate Action 100+ Summary Presentation of Global Company Assessments

Briefing | Climate Action 100+ | 18 October 2023

The Climate Action 100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark evaluates the performance of some of the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters on their net zero transition, and against the initiative’s three high-level goals: emissions reduction, governance, and disclosure.


Climate Action 100+ 2023 Assessments of Heavy Emitting Companies’ Climate Progress

Data File | Climate Action 100+ | 18 October 2023

Excel file of the full climate action 100 assessments of global companies against the benchmark.


Road to Resilience: An investor action plan for an adaptive and sustainable economy

22 August 2023

The Investor Group on Climate Change, whose members manage more than $30 trillion globally, today launched “Road to Resilience” a new strategy to stimulate investment in climate resilience, protecting against the physical risks of climate change.