Welcome to our new website

13 July 2023
A quick summary of what's changed, and how you can get the most out of this. The site is easier to use, better to read, and will host a library of exclusive member resources.

Hopefully you don’t need to read this post, because the website’s new benefits and features should jump right out. None-the-less we’ll run through them, but first some context.

Ultimately, we wanted to increase the value and impact of IGCC’s work.
  • We’ve made it easier for key audiences to keep up to date what we’re doing and find the most relevant information.
    Our website audiences include investors, business decision makers, and policy-makers, each with slightly different needs. You’ll see new sections for each of our work streams: investor practice, corporate engagement, and policy advocacy, as well as each of our working groups. As well, you’ll be able to filter and find news, resources and events by topic; from just transition, to physical risk, to governance and disclosure, to mining, or circular economy, and many more.
  • We’re presenting a public face that matches the credibility, rigour and sophistication of our work.
    All the pages and posts are better laid out, more readable, will work well across your devices, and generally reflect the standards of our members.
  • For audiences coming to IGCC for the first time, we’ve established easier on-ramps to understand who we are, the quality of our team, and how we fit into the overall ecosystem. Climate finance can be a complex domain, but we know plenty of people are coming to it for the first time.
Members will have exclusive access to on-demand resources.

From next month, we’ll be re-packaging the best of our in-person working groups, masterclasses and briefings, so you can catch up on anything you’ve missed, or pass them along to your colleagues. From today, there’s a small library of member-only content, which will grow. If there’s a session you remember from our archive, that you’d like to see on the website, let us know, and we’ll prioritise it.
We’ll be progressively emailing login details to more and more of members’ staff over the next few weeks. We’re starting with the people in working groups and our primary contacts. We expect to normally issue five accounts per member organisation, but we have some flexibility, depending on need and resourcing.
There’s a member-portal, but logged-in members will see exclusive content, wherever it is on the website. If you’re not logged in, you’ll see that some content is behind a username and password challenge.

We hope you find it useful!