A picture of Erwin

Erwin Jackson

Managing Director, Policy

Erwin is one of Australia’s leading climate policy analysts and advocates with more than 35 years’ experience. He oversees the policy and advocacy priorities for IGCC and is a regular commentor in the national media on climate policy and risk.

At IGCC, Erwin is responsible for developing and implementing the organisations three-year national policy priorities. This includes working with governments and stakeholders to build investable national climate, physical risk and climate-related risk policies. He regularly meets with policy makers and government officials to discuss climate policy and financial risk.

Throughout his career Erwin has advised government and business on effective climate policy in nationally, and internationally. He sat on research advisory committees and undertaken strategy development in low-emissions technology for the University of Melbourne, ANU, CSIRO and the University of Queensland.

Erwin was Deputy CEO of The Climate Institute for nearly 10 years, where he was seconded to the Climate Change Authority as an expert in international climate change diplomacy. Other roles include being a senior policy advisor to the Australian Conservation Foundation and Environment Victoria. Erwin is a director of Climate Analytics Australia, member of ANU’s Institute for Climate, Energy & Disaster Solutions External Advisory Committee and an expert on a number of Government advisory panels.

The Australian State of Net Zero Investment Report – 2024

Report | Investor Group on Climate Change | 30 May 2024

The most comprehensive and rigorous analysis of net zero investment practices in Australia.


Submission: Targets set the direction and pace of policy ambition

Submission | Erwin Jackson and Bethany Richards | 21 May 2024

Key points
  1. Social licence is a significant factor in the successful adoption and implementation of any future climate policy. To fulfil obligations under the Climate Change Authority Act, the Authority should recommend the Government allocate at least $10 million a year to the Authority to undertake meaningful public consultation and


Submission: Targets set the direction and pace of policy ambition

21 May 2024

IGCC supports the Authority’s proposal to set a 1.5oC aligned target with the highest possible level of ambition. National targets and economic strategies that are aligned to 1.5oC will deliver the best long-term returns to investors and the retirement savings of millions of Australians.