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Climate Financial Disclosures Submission – Second Treasury’s Consultation Paper

Submission | Amy Quinton | July 2023

Australia is broadly on the right track when it comes to mandatory climate disclosures; the sooner investors can get a reliable and comprehensive picture of climate risks and opportunities for the companies they hold, the sooner they can efficiently put capital to work decarbonising the economy.


Submission: Climate Change Authority – Setting, tracking and achieving Australia’s emissions reduction targets – Issues Paper

Submission | Erwin Jackson | June 2023

IGCC’s submission covers four main topics:
  • National and sector pathways and goals should be 1.5°C aligned.
  • Currently, the physical impacts of climate change are significantly under-priced in financial markets.
  • Australia can be a world leader in resilience
  • Australia needs quality climate modelling and scenarios covering both transition and physical risks.